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Your air conditioning unit isn't just important to keep you comfortable in the summer months, but in demisting the windscreen during colder weather. At Williams we offer various levels of air conditioning recharge and a full cleaning service.


Air Conditioning Warning Signs

Unusual noises when operating the air-con


Unexplained leaks

Temperature control less effective


It is an industry recommendation that you have a recharge every two years, and a clean every year. A drop in gas pressure makes your engine work harder, leading to a higher fuel usage, so regular checks and maintenance can prove to be a money-saver on top the safety and comfortability concerns.


If you feel your system is lacking, could do with a clean, or just want a check for peace of mind, have our skilled team check it over. We offer a free air conditioning unit check, and never charge for work we haven't done or you don't need. We've been operating in Ipswich for over 40 years based on customer satisfaction so whether an air conditioning system clean, unit replacement, or unit repair is more cost effective in the short or long-run, we'll cater to your needs. If you have any questions, or wish to pre-book an air-con checkup, don't hesitate to call on 01473749292 or click here to enquire online.


Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning
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