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Regular brake checks are the most important form of preventative car safety, and as always at Williams you don't pay for peace of mind. We are offering free brake checks so if you experience any of the below signs please come in today. 


Brakes Warning Signs

• Screeching, grinding or clicking noises when applying the brakes​

• Vehicle pulling to one side while braking

• Brake pedal nearly touches the floor before brakes engage

• Brakes grab at the slightest touch to the pedal

• Brake pedal needs to be slammed before brakes engage.

• Brake pedal vibrates or pulses

• Brake light is illuminated on your dashboard

• Longer braking distances


You never pay for work you haven't had or don't need at Williams. We've been operating in Ipswich for over 40 years based on customer satisfaction, so whether brake repair or brake replacement is the most cost-effective course of action for your needs, we cater to you. If you have any questions, or wish to pre-book a slot, don't hesitate to call on 01473749292 or click here to enquire online. 


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